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On this page you find some tips for using TSA Cosinor software:

To get the help file on the software desktop :
In some version (64 bits) you need to change the path of the help file in order to launch it on the desktop. It must be :
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Rhythms". Change is in : Environment options/Directories/Help file (Uncheck allows changing the help file directory) etc.
You can also select a directory to store your data files (Above "help file": "Data")

To enter data in the software :
Entry of data into the software can be done in two ways: From an Excel (Microsoft registered) file converted into .txt file. Directly in the integrated editor. Both is explained in the help file. With the editor, it is easy to gather data and if there is an error in catching the data the error is explained.

The size of the graphics :
You can choose the size of your chart in the Environment Menu Options/Graphics/Publishing Window. You can also choose the type of data points, the text size. The size of the lines. Here it's important to spend time to try different options.

In every chart it is very important to try the "right click" as there are different options: To save the graphic for example but also properties where you can control the graphic: color, size, scales et al.

The density of the graphics :
Some scientific journals publishers ask for denser graphics. You must save the graphic (often right click on the graph !) in a directory and call it in Paint Shop Pro (registered), Photo Shop (registered), or even in a small image free editor like (registered) or the free Gimp (registered) where you can increase the density of the picture.

Tools on the graphics :
There are various tools on the chart. You can change the size, trace an arrow, insert text, write a title, calculate the distance between two points, insert values, move the graph,  zoom in, zoom out, join the points (see the figure below).

Tools on the chart